What will I need to bring for my visit?

Please bring a Photo ID and if you have insurance, the most updated insurance card. If your visit is related to an auto accident or work related injury, please bring the name and address of the insurance carrier as well as the adjuster’s name and contact information.  We require a claim number before you are seen. Insurance co-pays or unmet deductibles are required at time of service.  


Does your clinic accept my insurance?

We are a high acuity urgent care and contracted with most major plans as a specialist. We will work with your insurance provider to verify your coverage at the time of service. Any deductible not met, or additional charges that are assigned by your insurance provider will be charged to and the responsibility of the policy holder. Any amount overpaid will be reimbursed to the policy holder. For additional information about your specific plan, please call your insurance plan provider. 


What if I don’t have insurance?

If we are unable to bill your insurance plan, or you do not have insurance, we offer reasonable self pay rates for our services at prices much lower than a hospital emergency room.  


Initial evaluation and treatment is based on the symptoms presented by the patient at the time of the visit. For most patients following the treatment regimen prescribed brings them relief. However, if you feel you have not improved sufficiently there may be other health concerns that may need to be addressed. If this occurs, contact our clinic to obtain further instructions. Please note, just like other medical providers, additional follow up evaluations and treatments will result in additional charges.

What happens if I'm not improving?


Under most circumstances we follow the standard Urgent Care practice of requiring follow up with your primary care provider, or a return visit for any medication refills.

What if I need a refill?



How long is the wait to be seen, or, how long will my visit take?

Due to our facility not taking appointments, and that we see higher acuity patients than many urgent cares, patients are not always seen on a first come, first served basis and we can't estimate your wait time nor treatment times.  We strive to see patients efficiently for their emergencies, however waits are sometimes inevitable.  Patients are encouraged to return to their primary care provider or specialist, as appropriate, for follow up, and for routine medical screening.